Member Spotlight – Autumn

August 17th, 2019 by KFit No Comments

Member spotlight - Autumn

Autumn first tried K-fit after being invited by her neighbors, Jason and Becky, who loved it. She continued because she quickly found that she also loved it—they did something different each day that was challenging, the small class size was motivating without being intimidating, the classes were with regular people like her, she could see improvement, and it was conveniently located close to home.

Autumn’s favorite thing about K-fit is the people, how it’s like a little family. And while at K-fit, along with an awesome nutrition program, Autumn has been able to accomplish two big goals of hers: she’s lost weight and also gotten a lot stronger! However, she knows the work is not over. She still is working on consistency in eating healthy and getting to K-fit a minimum of 3 days a week!

Great job, Autumn, on your accomplishments and dedication! We are proud of you for making your health a priority, even with your busy schedule and three kids, so you can be your best, for yourself and your family!

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